How to Hire a DUI Lawyer in Canada


Driving under the influence is a criminal offense in Canada. So, you might be in some serious trouble if you are caught. The consequences may include a potential jail sentence, high insurance premiums, loss of license and criminal record. If you are caught driving under the influence the best thing you can do is to hire a smart Whitby DUI lawyer in Canada.

If you cannot afford a good lawyer, you have a right to request for a legal aid lawyer. Start your search from any firm you know about, it should be a well-established firm if you are to get a competent lawyer. Alternatively, you can check on a reliable website such as You will get a variety of names depending on the city you are in. Feel free to expand your search to several other cities near you.
Once you have successfully pulled up a list of lawyers, take a look at every lawyer’s profile. If the DUI lawyer you have selected has a website, take a look at it and gather as much information as possible. Next, use the following criteria to narrow down your list to at least three potential candidates.


⦁ Do they have enough experience in DUI cases in Canada?
⦁ Do they have enough information on their websites that might be useful to you?
⦁ Are they members of any accredited association in criminal law?


Once they have passed this elimination criterion, ask the people around you whether they have ever heard about any of this lawyers and what they think about them. Contact or visit the nearby law society and find out if they have a good record standing. Check the local newspaper or online archives. Is there any form of publicity pertaining the DUI criminal lawyer or case they previously handled? Consider any special need that you might be having. For instance, would you prefer a lawyer who speaks English?


DUI lawyers in Canada have busy schedules; do not expect them to meet you instantly. Most importantly, consider the lawyer’s members of staff. Competent DUI lawyers in Canada have good people working in their team and they will sometimes delegate most of the responsibilities to them.


Most of the DUI lawyers in Canada will charge you on hourly basis, or fixed rate that should be paid up front. Since this is a criminal related case, rules of conduct will most likely prohibit the lawyer from entering into a contingency agreement. Also, keep in mind that experienced DUI lawyers will charge higher. You will definitely want to hire a lawyer with several years of experience in handling traffic offenses. DUI cases are normally handled through a good agreement with the Crown’s attorney’s office. This will require the DUI lawyer to have a good working reputation.



Why you need a Good DUI Lawyer in Canada.
⦁ Avoid a criminal record. If you are caught drunk driving in Canada, there are high chances you will have a criminal record. This might negatively affect your ability to apply for certain jobs, travel or drive at all.
A competent DUI lawyer can be able to file all the required documentations, push for a shorter sentence or have the charges dropped.
⦁ Save you from higher insurance premiums. The judicial system has numerous processes that strictly need to be followed. If any of the process was omitted, you will be lucky. The judge may rule in your favor but only if there is a lawyer who can prove this.
⦁ Reducing your charges. If your case is not dismissed, a good DUI lawyer can help in minimizing the charges. This is only possible if there was no bodily harm and you are a first time offender.

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